IORA is an Institute and NOT a guild, and was founded in 2008 after realizing the need for a formal body to regulate the quality of artists who creates reborn dolls and sculpts whether a OOAK or for production. There are so many artists out there today and not all of them deliver work of the highest quality. We at IIORA are striving to keep this art very professional and of the highest possible standard, knowing that any client who purchases work from an IIORA approved artist, can be sure that they will be only getting the best. All our artists are scrutinized and only the best will be awarded with an IIORA membership, thus making sure that we always offer only the best to the world.

Our artists also have impeccable feedback records on all their work, where only the best is good enough.

An IIORA artist is proud of her work.

The main purpose of IIORA, is promoting reborn dolls and sculpting of dolls as a fine art form. By employing the highest requirements, IIORA encourages gifted artists who create entirely original reborn dolls to strive for the highest quality and uniqueness of their talents. Artists’ membership in IIORA is by election, and the Standards Committee’s decisions are based on the following statement: Whether produced as a unique reborn doll or sculpt, the ideal work reflects excellence; all work must be consistently well conceived, expertly executed without flaws, and should show the identity of the particular artist. Membership is strictly by invitation and the following is considered when inviting an artist:
Excellence of Execution

The work must be well made, impeccably finished. A mastery of medium used should be correctly applied. Painting should be flawless and suit the age and race of the baby represented. Hair should be of appropriate material and flawlessly applied as well. Chosen outfits should be well conceived, appropriate for the reborn or sculpt and the occasion it represents as well as expertly made, if hand made.


An IIORA artist must be trusted to exhibit the highest quality of workmanship in every reborn or sculpt produced. An IIORA artist has the highest personal standards for their work that reflect the organization’s strict standards.

Identity of Design

This is an essential element in IIORA’s standards – each IIORA artist’s having a true signature style baby that can be identified as a true piece of art. Every IIORA artist should have a style that is utterly unique and recognizably hers.

Types of Membership

Honorary Membership

Honorary Membership is the highest honor that IIORA presents to an individual artist. It is limited and given only to a very few artists. This elite group represents those individuals who have achieved outstanding realism with their reborns and sculpting, and recognition in the art of reborning and sculpting. It is individual artists who demonstrated distinguished achievements in the field of reborn techniques and providing help to others who practice this artform.  It is members who makes a substantial contribution to the art of reborning and sculpting in all its facets.

Honorary Membership may be awarded from time to time in appreciation of outstanding service to the Institute or in recognition of distinguished achievement in field of reborning and sculpting, and embracing the activities of the Institute.

* An artist can NOT apply for this membership and is solely awarded by IIORA.
* Candidates for Honorary Membership usually are:

Members who are outstanding in the field of reborning and sculpting or who have performed particularly noteworthy service to the art of reborning or sculpting

* Only IIORA Board Members can nominate a person for Honorary Membership.
* Only once all the Board Member have voted for the individual, will a decision be made to award this membership.
* This honor may be presented at the descretion of the President of IIORA.


We do not accept any applications for membership, and membership is STRICTLY by invitation.  Please do not send in any pictures of your work or any emails requesting membership, as we will not consider it.

We constantly look on Ebay, Websites, Forums and Facebook Albums, etc., for talented artists to invite to our institute.  Should an artist deliver constant and consistent high quality work that fits our Criteria, we will gladly invite them to join our very exclusive group.

Membership Fees

Membership fees are payable by all members of IIORA – Honorary Members and Members. The Initial fees are $75.00* and as of June 2019 $30.00* per year thereafter.  Fees are payable Pro-Rata by all members.  Yearly Fees will be due at the end of June of every year.

Unpaid membership fees will unfortunately have your membership revoked. We only charge a minimum fee and these fees are used for the upkeep of our site and administrative costs. Persons who are serious about IIORA and what we stand for, will not have any problems in paying their fees.  We are a formal institute and take all we do, our Standards and the Art of Reborning & Sculpting VERY seriously.

*Fees are subject to change at the discretion of IIORA.


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