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About the Artist

Like many other reborn artists, I had my first encounter with these amazing dolls in 2007 while searching for Christmas Gifts for my, then, little girls.  I was in absolute shock when I first saw them and literally saved all the images to my computer to show everyone that came to visit us embarassed  I am not joking when I say that I had sleepless nights about these lifelike dolls and I instantly knew that this was what I wanted to do.  I have always loved art and had an art background in school as well as university.

The first try was definitely not all smooth sailing lol.... The paint was way too thick and I knew absolutely nothing.  I was literally in the deep end of the pool and had to swim!!!  The first doll I painted was a Paradise Galleries doll that I stripped.  Then the rooting came.... I poked so many holes with that 36g Needle, that the head looked like a sifter and Im sure it would have done a great job to add air to my flour for any cake I would want to bake lol.  Needless to say... that head went straight in the trash bin.

My second attempt was an old Val Shelton kit called Reasee.  Rock hard vinyl and very orange/beige... I think I broke 20 needles on that head and the hair was... let's just say 20 per hole lol.  I think I might still have the images hidden somewhere where they can NEVER to found lol  I still thought (at the time) that she was absolutely AMAZING haha... Today I am laughing and saying to myself... "What the heck were you thinking???" lol

12 Years later, and I can still say that


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